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 Professional Postnatal Services 


Nzinga Wright, founder of Professional Postnatal Services, provides unmatched, comprehensive, and practical care for growing families.



 Professional Postnatal Services 

With over 5 years of clinical experience working as a Registered Midwife, Nzinga specializes in providing one-to-one family-centered care to support the demands of the postpartum experience, particularly surrounding breastfeeding and newborn sleeping, as early as day 1.



 Professional Postnatal Services 

Empower yourself with the security of leaving the hospital with a personalized plan for a healthy and optimal start with your newborn(s). 

Services are available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough.



 Professional Postnatal Services 

Newborn Care Happy Baby Breastfeeding Support

Newborn Care

Specialized Newborn Care

Nzinga provides growing families with supportive, evidence-based care for the needs of their newborns and mothers in the postpartum phase. With Professional Postnatal Services parents can securely rely on the experience and expertise of a clinically trained qualified healthcare provider. 

Newborn Care Includes:

  • In-house daytime and overnight newborn care

  • Practical newborn education

  • Newborn feeding support; specializing in breastfeeding support

  • Parental respite 


Experience top-notch care for your growing family with Nzinga's specialized newborn care services.

Breastfeeding Support
& Coaching 

Improving the Latching Experience

Breastfeeding presents a significant learning curve for both mothers and babies. Nzinga's breastfeeding coaching aims to make this journey smoother.


Through dedication, correct techniques, and consistency, our coaching services help establish a healthy newborn feeding schedule. Support begins as early as the immediate postpartum period, within the first 3 days after birth, maximizing sustainable results for new parents.


Breastfeeding Support includes:

  • Hands-on Breastfeeding coaching

  • Fine-tuning the latch for efficient milk transfer

  • Education on healthy newborn nutritional intake and feeding techniques

  • Education on pumping strategy, bottle-feeding breastmilk, and formula supplementation

  • all personalized in the comfort of the family's home 

El dormir recién nacido

Prenatal and postnatal

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a remarkable and transformative experience. My comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to empower and support you through the crucial stages of pregnancy and early parenthood.


"I have twins and I really wanted to breastfeed. Nzinga helped me increase my milk supply naturally, and taught me breastfeed my twins efficiently. Now, 2 months after having my babies, I can confidently feed my twins at the same time!!  I almost gave up on breastfeeding, but Nzinga helped me to achieve my goals with the twins.


Her care was BETTER than going to an LC clinic or having a nanny because of the level of expertise, patience and the successful outcomes. She stayed with me and coached me through multiple feeds, to help me get a proper latch until I was able to breastfeed on my own.


She had such a professional and gentle demeanour with the twins, I felt secure to have some respite. Nzinga is a real life baby whisperer! Anyone who hires her will have a more positive and supported postpartum experience. "

Mira Marwaha, Business Executive 

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